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What is Sweetspot?

Sweetspot is a distributed Helium Network Token mining cooperative.

How it works:

  1. We hook you up with an HNT miner and help you get it set up in your home or office.
  2. 💡

    Don't worry, HNT miners are quiet, about the same size as a WiFi router, use about as much power as a light bulb, and about as much data every month as a few hours of Netflix.

  3. Just let the miner do its magic in the background.
  4. We send you a payment via Paypal for a percentage of the monthly earnings.

What is HNT and Helium?

HNT is the cryptocurrency rewarded to Helium hotspots for building out the Helium Network aka #ThePeoplesNetwork

Helium is a blockchain company that's building a network that powers IoT devices like the scooters buzzing down your street or even your dog's collar and soon even your smartphone via 5G.